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Jan 31, 2011

By JensJohansson

We are very sorry the Presov Slovakia gig got cancelled, this was not our fault. There was a problem with the original venue, it was being repaired or something like that. I don't have a complete understanding of exactly what happened, maybe the Helloween site has more info, but this is what I heard: The promoter tried to save the show by putting Helloween and us in a hand ball arena but the capacity of that was not sufficient to hold all the people (some 3000 tickets were sold). The idea was to put the audience in the field where the hand ball game is usually happening. But the place was not designed for that, it was designed for people sitting in the bleachers while there was a hand ball game going on down on the field. Thus there was a barrier between the field and the emergency exits. And either way, it was too small to hold 3000 people, so trying to fit 2000 people in, while 1000 paying and partying Slovak metalheads were still outside in the snow (-5C temperature outside), with only a glass-enclosed foyer between as a barrier..... well, you do the math.
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